Dispatches from New York Fashion Week: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Though Bostonista isn’t typically inclined to get out of bed before we’ve gotten a full night of beauty sleep—or for a day rate less than $10,000 (or was that someone else?) And, despite having cougered out at the Charlotte Ronson party the previous night, we miraculously made it to the tents in time for Tuesday’s inaugural Tibi show.

As usual, Tibi’s styles were cute and wearable (when you see us at next week’s much hyped Louis Vuitton Copley relaunch party in a new black number, don’t bother asking about the label: it’s Tibi), but the most striking thing about the show was that the models seemed to be having fun. The brand is young, just like them.

It must have felt like a welcome break for the teenage strutters to don cute dresses and coats, as opposed to the elaborate gowns and suits by the likes of Oscar de la Renta intended for a more mature customer. Most fresh-looking of all was their hair, which was long and flowing but still polished.

However, two show later at Cynthia Steffe, the hairstyles made us wonder if the models had slept through their alarms and were suffering the greasy consequences. Then we realized that since they all looked uniformly unfortunate, it was no coincidence. Each girl looked as if she had long, curly hair that had been violently brushed out into frizz and then crowned off with some Neosporin. And not in a good way.

Perhaps the lame manes were in protest of furrier Dennis Basso‘s show that followed? If so, they weren’t the only ones. As Bostonista and Fashion Week Mom (FWM) headed out of Bryant Park to grab a coffee before the madhouse that was the Diesel show, FWM and her Italian full-length fur stopped dead in their tracks before starting down the front steps.

A rowdy group of protesters were picketing. Again. This time with nasty furs up on a stick and what FWM called, in horror, “a skinned baboon.” We whisked FWM back inside and out through a side exit.

And that hairy moment was the last New York Fashion Week saw of FWM—at least for this season’s festivities. She’s now en route to Mississippi and Bostonista‘s back at home, too. But if you haven’t had enough of this Fashion Week, former intern extraordinaire Megan Reid will be pinch-hitting for us at Friday’s highly anticipated, and controversial Marc Jacobs show.

Wait, what’s that? You totally want to intern for Bostonista too now, don’t ya? Yeah, we thought so.