New York Fashion Week Wrap-up: Marc Jacobs

1202759875Since Bostonista returned to HQ before Marc Jacobs’s highly anticipated show went down on Friday, we sent fromer Boston intern, current CosmoGIRL! intern, and all-around fashionista Megan Reid to cover the festivities in our place. Here’s what she saw:

My induction to Fashion Week began with 20 minutes of standing around on the corner of 26th and Lexington waiting for Marc Jacobs show organizers to let us into in the show’s usual 69th Regiment Armory digs. It wasn’t the glamorous entry I’d planned, but I did catch fashion-y types in four-inch heels eyeing my metallic flats enviously (ha!) as I chatted up other Marc devotees about the bribery allegations MJ and his PR firm KCD are facing, and posed bets about how late the show would start this year after last year’s unbelievably tardy kickoff.

However, almost as soon as I’d flashed my secondhand invite, found my seat, and accepted a drink from a Sonic Youth-tee-clad waiter, Jacobs himself appeared on the runway, yelling for everyone to sit down. He was ready to start. From the bleacher-like seats, Anna Wintour—who, in a dramatic fur, was clearly taking her fashion cues from Fashion Week Mom—looked irritated that her phone chat had been interrupted, while fellow Boston native Ellen Pompeo looked very sexy in a burgundy underwear-revealing dress from Jacobs’s spring line.

1202759785Minutes later, Victoria Beckham took her seat, and superdad K-Fed barely made it to his as the models started prancing around the perimeters of the dance floor-sized raised runway/stage.

Many pieces seemed mature for Jacobs, with pony-tailed models in soft coats, low-heeled leather boots, masculine pleated pants, neutral colored sweaters, and well-cut sheaths, but quirky accent pieces like feathered caps and sweatband diadems — not to mention plenty of lamé — kept things in character.

And then, with a final guitar chord from Sonic Youth, it was over. After snapping a furtive picture of Posh, I scored an extra gift tote and traipsed to the exit. En route, I spotted KCD PR rep and socialite Bonnie Morrison looking unfazed by the bribery scandal, though her lipstick could have used a little reapplication.

1202759923And while I didn’t hobnob with ANTM hunk Nigel Barker like I’d hoped, I did battle some models for a cab on Park Avenue, and for an intern like myself, that is something.

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