Oscar Post-Mortem: Stars Dress Flawlessly—Yawn!

1203964069At this very moment, all of Hollywood is experiencing a hangover from last night’s Botox and boob-tape filled festivities. In case you missed it (and you didn’t miss much, trust us) the Academy Awards were held yesterday, and actresses of every caliber were dressed impeccably. In other words, no fun for Bostonista.

This year, the buzz word of the night was red, with everyone from Katherine Heigl to Anne Hathaway dressed in shades of crimson, scarlet, and vermilion. Is it wrong that Bostonista thought Miley Cyrus was one of the best-dressed of the night, decked out in a goddess-y red Valentino? When even 15-year-olds look sophisticated, we know that our worst-dressed list is going to be scant.

1203964213Besides Hannah Montana, we thought Marion Cotillard, who won her Oscar dripping in Jean-Paul Gaultier haute couture, was tres fantastique, even if some thought she was more surf-n-turf than Oscar winner. Anyone who can make couture look young and effortless deserves praise.

Thankfully, Jennifer Hudson showed up in a dress that was just wrong (again!), and we don’t think she has Andre Leon Talley to blame this time. The beaded straps on her white Roberto Cavalli gown cut into her back so severely that even we — who never mind a little back fat — cringed at the rolls upon endless rolls.

We wished Tilda Swinton had come in showing off another Dior couture creation (like she did at the BAFTA’s), but instead opted for what looked like a
black velvet curtain . We’ll forgive her because she’s an icon and can do whatever the hell she wants.

1203964240Pregnancy seemed to be a big trend as well. There was the good (Nicole Kidman looking lovely, if immovable, draped in 1400 carats of bling and custom Balenciaga); the bad (Jessica Alba in drab plum Marchesa) and the eternally flawless (Cate Blanchett proving her fashion mettle by rocking a regal-purple Dries Van Noten).

All of this fashion talk is just whetting our whistle for Paris fashion week, which starts big time today with Christian Dior (!).

-Billy DeGregorio

(picture courtesy style.com)