Mini-masochist: Shiny Lips, Skinny Hips?

1204569773It’s been quite the few weeks of mini-masochists, as Bostonista combats the winter blahs by slathering ourselves with products. (Forget the sun lampswe say a trip down Sephora’s aisles is much more therapeutic.)

On a recent mood-lifting visit there, we’re embarrassed to say we were drawn in by a huge display for Fuze Slenderize Guilt-Free Lip Gloss by Too Faced. Blame our laziness on the weather, a persistent cold, or the newly opened Cleveland Circle Chipotle, but we’ll take non-gym-induced weight loss any way we can get it.

Available for a limited time, the lip gloss claims to curb hunger pangs and boost energy with a single swipe. It contains the same supposedly appetite-suppressing, energy-increasing ingredients found in Fuze Slenderize beverages (the ever-so-scientific-sounding Citrimax, which we sincerely hope is not like ephedrine).

Examining the gloss at the store garnered the same uncomfortable attention elicited when men buy bras or when you say “yes” to whipped cream at a South End Starbucks. When asked about the product, a Sephora staffer diplomatically replied that she had not tried it, but her eyes screamed with pity at yet another vulnerable customer falling prey to a glossy marketing campaign. And at $18.50 a tube, “guilt-free” is not exactly how we would describe the experience.

The final verdict? Slenderize gloss offers appealing flavors for those who have outgrown Bonne Bell but still want fruitiness (Dragonfruit Lime is refreshing) and high shine sans hair-trapping stickiness. But any slenderizing effects, sadly, will involve only your wallet.

Fuze Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss, $18.50, Sephora, Prudential Center, 617-262-4200,

— Jenna Grady