The Hills Are Alive (And Shockingly Low Maintenance)

1206382975Reality TV stars can’t be trusted. From false professors of love to tax-evading survivors, we’ve never looked to this particular breed of megalomaniac for anything other than mindless—often cringe-worthy—entertainment. So the idea of a clothing line fashioned by MTV reality darling and Hollywood Hills resident Lauren Conrad didn’t exactly inspire confidence. And then we saw the clothes.

Designer “LC” (to which she was referred back when she was just a starry-eyed girl with a dream, slumming it in Laguna) has surprised us. Simple, flattering, and incredibly easy to maintain, The Lauren Conrad Collection is everything The Hills’ fluffed up version of reality is not. Jersey appears to be her (very comfortable) fabric of choice. And in a plot twist more unexpected then a sex tape scandal, feuding BFFs, or broken engagement, everything is completely machine washable.

Available at Crush Boutique, 131 Charles St., Boston, 617-720-0010,; new episodes from The Hills season 3 return tonight, 10 p.m., MTV

–Jenna Grady