Tripolina? Oh, Si!

1206466163 Our lives simply are not poignant enough to make millions of people tear up in unison. That’s why we’re not waiting by the door for Oprah or that spiky-haired dude from ABC to come knocking and “extreme makeover” our homes.

Instead, we’re left to fend for ourselves when it comes to decorating our house. What we’ve discovered is that choosing the right furniture is often a battle between what’s practical (this cement table is tragically unattractive, but it’ll last forever!) and what makes you swoon (so what if you can’t walk on it, a white alpaca fur rug is so chic!). That’s why we were thrilled to discover the ultra-versatile yet utterly stylish Tripolina Chair at Diseñoa local design store which, unlike some national chains (ahem, Design Within Reach) is more interested in filling our homes than emptying our wallets.

The first Tripolina chair was introduced at the turn of the last century, but you’d never know it: with its sleek and artfully structured frame, it is the essence of modernity (as well as the inspiration for the ubiquitous butterfly chair—staple of dorm rooms and grassy sidelines). The version sold at Diseno is a fully functional work of art. The collapsible frame and removable cover make transportation a breeze—ideal for when the warm weather hits and your deck or patio beckons.

And did we mention that it’s durable? We’ve even been told British soldiers used ‘em back in the day. Any chair that can withstand battlefield combat can surely survive the perils of cocktail party warfare and border crossings from family room to outdoor patio.

But perhaps most impressive is the fact that Diseño sells its Tripolina for $249 while over at DWR, an almost exact model will set you back $430!

If you’re looking for us (Oprah, Ty, that means you!) we’ll be on the patio celebrating from our new perch.

-Jenna Grady

The Tripolina Chair, $349 (leather), $249 (canvas), Diseño, 409 Harrison Ave., Boston, 617-423-2008,