Solutions for a Head-Scratcher

1207150405Our new dark Jil Sander suit has met its nemesis. No, it’s not static. Or even sweat stains. Much worse: Dandruff.

Giving fashion-conscious Bostonians the hair-pulling task of figuring out what to wear each morning since time began, the weather here shouldn’t surprise us anymore. And yet, it does every time we look over our shoulder when wearing a dark top and and find our own personal snowstorm has fallen. Plus, the accompanying itch can be quite a you-know-what.

It’s the changes in weather patterns from brutal wintry gusts to pleasant spring breezes that can leave skin screaming for relief. And though you don’t lotion it up every day, your scalp is skin too. Recommends Michael Albor of The Loft Salon, “Treat your dandruff problem just like you would dry skin on your body—use an astringent, then exfoliate, and then moisturize.”

To soothe your scalp and combat those pesky white flakes, we tracked down three products dry-headed gals and guys should try. If anything, your new suit (or LBD) will thank you.

1. Bumble & bumble’s Scalp Rebalancing Therapy

While the arrival of Bumble and Bumble hair products to CVS had us questioning everything we believe in, it sure is convenient to find high-quality hair therapy at America’s favorite drugstore. But we still prefer to head to cute Charles Street specialty shop, The Beauty Mark, for B&b’s line of hair treatments, including a scalp therapy system. The simple three-step process aims to reinvigorate your head without making your brain hurt, with shampoo ($28), conditioner ($31), and serum ($40) that employ clean-smelling ingredients like aloe vera, caffeine, and Chinese heolan mushroom extract.

The Beauty Mark, 33 Charles St., 617-720-1555.

2. Kiehl’s Herbal Shampoo and Scalp Treatment for Dandruff Control ($17.50)

The refreshing scent of eucalyptus and aloe extract packs a punch to that little dandruff problem with active ingredient Zinc Pyrithione. And throw it in your gym bag—it’s gentle enough to use everyday.

Kiehl’s, 112 Newbury St., 617-247-1777,

3. Philip B. Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo ($35)

Created expressly to moisturize that problematic scalp, Philip B.’s formula of tea tree oil, juniper berry, and—our favorite—coal tar works to cleanse and nourish the driest of scalps. Concerned with keeping balance in the hair’s natural chemistry, the shampoo is less greasy than rival products. Barneys New York, Copley Place, 617-385-3300,

–Rajat D. Singh