WWJD: Move it! Move it!

1207673045I spent the weekend packing up my apartment, kicking up dust and pet hair that’s lived between books and behind furniture for three years, and assembling cardboard boxes, all of which has left me with a wheezy cough, papery palms, and a cat that I swear to god said “me-ove.”

Packing is not fun. Every few boxes or so, I’d stop to check email, watch an episode of Sex and the City, and test out some beauty product I’d uncovered in the rubble.

My favorite find is a spray cream by Italian skincare brand Terme di Fontecchio, a light moisturizer that goes on in a mist. Sort of like how you can never really eat orange tic-tacs one at a time, I started spritzing it a la OCD, every half hour, then every time I filled a box, then every time Joanie scratched the couch.

After two days of this business, I still can’t shake a persistent thirst, but my skin looks pretty decent, even after a few too many glasses of wine at dinner Saturday night. Of course, I can’t exactly see my reflection in the dust-coated mirror, so I could just be taking the cat’s word for it.

Next week in the moving chronicles: Joanie picks which clothes I keep and which I toss to Goodwill.

Terme di Fontecchio spray cream, $30, Spa Christine, 699 E. Broadway, S. Boston, 617-269-0019, spachristine.com