Mini Masochist: The Booty Pop, Round 2

1207754433It wasn’t long after Sascha’s bum attempt at backside glory that I found my own pair of Booty Pop miracle grow panties waiting at my desk. Regardless of whether I need the extra padding (and after a winter full of candy binges, I’d venture no), Bostonista strives to be, if nothing else, objective when it comes to testing the latest trends. With that in mind, I set out to try BP for myself, hoping that the lack of shape and support Sascha experienced when wearing the underwear with a dress would disappear when paired with my favorite trouser jeans.

My first obstacle is actually getting said pants over my bulging BP in the wee hours of the morning. Like a flotation device, the pads like to pop up; I resort to stuffing them in, and still, they feel too high. When I look in the mirror, though, I’m pleasantly surprised: BP gives me a subtle lift and a rounder shape, and I feel confident enough to proceed on with my day—mostly because I’m wearing a shirt that only reveals half my bottom.

Like Sascha, no one notices anything different about me at work, but maybe that’s a good thing. Attempting to gauge reactions, I show my new look off to a few female coworkers, who are mostly impressed.

“Not bad at all. . . I wouldn’t think you looked weird if I saw you walking down the street,” says one. Reassuring, to be sure. Later, I try on a cotton frock at Zara and almost double over when I catch a glimpse of my derrière in the mirror. It’s about one Brazilian butt lift bigger than J Lo’s, and looks eerily disproportionate to my petite frame.

Ultimately, I decide Booty Pop looks most natural with denim, but is best not worn under a dress (especially a thin one). And it’s certainly a good option for those who want a little junk in the trunk without going under the knife. Though in hindsight, I have to agree with my Nana, who, on more than one occasion, has protested against our butt-crazed generation: “I just don’t understand why girls these days want to have a bigger tuchas.” Well put, Nana. Well put.

Booty Pop, $26, Holiday, 53 Charles St., Boston, 617-973-9730,