Ladies’ Lunch, Ladies’ Room

1209136990Never one to turn down a fashion show, Bostonista took a quick jaunt down the Mass. Pike last week for a Stil charity luncheon, emceed by our own Alyssa Giacobbe at the ever-glamorous Natick Collection. After parking our wheels in the massive “Diamond” garage — and immediately forgetting which P-level we were on (give us a break, we’re city girls!) — we ventured inside to find a mass of impeccably dressed guests packed into Stil’s cozy suburban digs. Eager to eat Finale cake and see the latest Ports 1961 collection (among others), we left the store and took our seats in a sunny area just a few steps away.

From neon-bright frocks to ruffled bathing suits to hippie-chic maxi-dresses, the runway show was an impressive display. But perhaps the biggest surprise of the afternoon came after the cake and the show, when Bostonista took a trip to Stil’s stylish and positively palatial neighbor: the Natick Collection first floor ladies’ room.

Instantly enamored with the luxurious leather couches, marble accouterments, and glistening chandeliers, we felt at completely at home — if our home had suddenly morphed into Buckingham Palace, that is.

It’s an experience that, if you do happen to find yourself traveling down Route 9 this weekend, we highly, highly recommend — no need to actually use the toilet. Oh, and be sure to pop into Stil, too.

1245 Worcester St., Natick, 508-651-7845,