A Bostonista’s Struggle: Gimp Chic

1210087993Typically, it’s we here at Bostonista who dole out the style advice. We’ve helped you with blue cues and collar capers and even cleared up a few personal hygiene issues. Rarely are we at a loss during fashion 911s. But our current situation has us flummoxed.

Last week, one of us had reconstructive knee surgery. (We’ll spare you the visuals and vivid painkiller-induced dreams.) Being house-bound for a week was alternately horrid and therapeutic, the latter thanks to lots of TLC from the littlest Bostonista. But now that we’re up and working again, we’ve hit the biggest roadblock of all: Accessorizing a monstrous leg brace and crutches is no easy task. We have entered into precarious fashion territory a fellow editor has termed “gimp chic.”

Today’s gimp glam consists of baggy Joe’s jeans, a fitted white tank, an oversized American Apparel jersey tee, and—shudder—Merrells, which we haven’t worn since a male co-worker told us we were too attractive to be seen in shoes this ugly. (Our defense: They’re very convenient.) But starting tomorrow we have meetings and press events, and the big boss is in town from Philly.

Our own wardrobe revealed lots of last spring’s mini dresses (a no-no on fabric-pulling crutches), 3-inch heels (also a crutches “don’t”), and a corral of skinny jeans (no luck here, either; our leg is roughly the size of Alaska).

We tried cruising the always reliable Barneys CO-OP for loose spring staples and were pleased to find a few new brace-covering, ankle-length Cynthia Vincent and Loomstate dresses. (If only the now-defunct Jasmine Sola was still around to provide an accompanying pair of inexpensive flats.) We also trolled H&M, the aforementioned American Apparel, and the new Zara, searching for temporary, in-between-seasons, leg-covering threads. No luck.

And so we ask you, dear readers, to help a Bostonista out. Contribute to our gimp chic closet of ideas and earn our hearty gratitude and a lifetime of free fashion advice. Go ahead, we’re (poorly dressed and) waiting…

Bonus points to anyone who wants to bedazzle my crutches!