Endorsed: The Big Easy

1211215778One wrong hand signal-less turn after another led me far from home this weekend (a quick apology to all drivers in Cambridge, Belmont, Arlington, and, quite possibly, Lexington: I didn’t intend to tackle the main roads for my first biking excursion since age 12, but I’m new to the neighborhoods).

A huge thumbs up to my new wheels, however: the well-named Big Easy by K2, now marked down at REI. I’m pretty sure its geeky-wide tires are the kind my fellow Bostonista warned against in her biking creed a few weeks ago, but back in seventh grade, I was known to take corners at a near-dead stop then wonder why I fell over like a sheet of poster board in the wind. No more.

My Big Easy is a big hunk of easy: easy to handle, easy to turn, easy to stop, easy to keep upright, and most importantly, easy to spot weaving down the road.

If you can relate, and you’re considering taking up biking to work, the mall, or to and from happy hour, I highly suggest you give the Big Easy a test-spin. But wear a helmet. And gloves. Also: long pants. A map is a good idea, too.

Big Easy by K2, REI, 401 Park Dr., Boston, 617-236-0746, rei.com