Here’s Hoping: Bostonista at the Beach

1211303809Every year it’s the same. We trudge through winter, often in semi-unflattering, insulating style. We wade through dreary March and April, aided by sporadic bursts of spring-like tints. Come May, we’ve tried just about everything to convince ourselves sunnier skies are ahead, and often fall back on that New Englandest of maxims: Because we get approximately 90 hot days a year—that’s 275 chilly ones, people—we appreciate them all the more.

Jaded and chapped and flaky, Bostonista still cannot help indulging in a hint of wishful thinking about the unofficial start of summer. In exactly one week, Memorial Day will shepherd in island weekends, sandals, and lots of white below the waist. We plan on celebrating by spending our rare day off at the beach, weather-willing or not.

Taking into account certain limitations, time, and our cohorts driving skills, we’ve narrowed it down to three beaches: Crane, Singing, or Duxbury. All are an hour or less from Bostonista headquarters, giving us time to pick up treats at the new Aroa or grab an early sandwich at the just-opened-for-lunch Toro.

Decisions, decisions. Crane and Duxbury are plagued with greenflies in July, while Singing is rife with the Facebooking, Range Rover set year-round. Crane costs money (fortunately, we’re members); so does Singing (though au pairs get by with a seasonal weekday “Nanny Pass”). Duxbury is free. Crane is the most beautiful, but the farthest away and, potentially, the windiest. Singing is sceney and posh. Duxbury is a bit wilder—washed up seaweed isn’t immediately groomed away—but does host an old-school ice cream truck in its parking lot.

Regardless of where we lather up and lay down—right now, we’re thinking Crane—we’re hoping for a solid kick off to summer. And to make sure we get the most out of the perpetual countdown. 90… 89… 88…

See you on the sand.