Sex’s Greatest Hits: Number Three

In anticipation of the Sex and the City movie Bostonista will not only be swilling commemorative cosmos, we’ll also be counting down what we consider to be Carrie’s greatest outfits from the HBO series. (And we’d love to hear from you, whether you agree with our picks, disagree with them, or just prefer Smith Jared’s bare chest over any accessory actually involving fabric.)

Here’s Number Three on our list…

1212078911Appeared In: Season 5, episode 74, “I Love a Charade”
The Elements: Pink silk bubble dress, beige Manolos, beaded minaudiere, “Carrie” necklace.
Why it’s Fabulous: According to the DVDs, series producer Michael Patrick King was unsatisfied with every dress costume designer Pat Field pitched for this scene. Each was apparently insufficient to disguise Sarah Jessica Parker’s growing baby belly. Finally, Field delivered this sweet pink confection—her own original design—and told King she would make Parker look like Sharon Tate. Mission accomplished.
Try This At Home?: Maybe. Bubble dresses are pretty much on the way out—although they’re still a lifesaver for pregnant women (so we hear).

— William DeGregorio