Bostonista goes Green

1212594188Unless you’ve been living in a cave (or trapped in an ANTM marathon black hole), you’ve probably figured out that going green is way, way in these days. Some big names are embracing the trend by issuing their own eco-friendly shopping bags, making it chic to reduce, reuse, and recycle—and still spread around logos wherever you go (As if having to pay extra to get your groceries bagged wasn’t enough.)

1212594205Maintaining a green lifestyle is all about versatility and function. Nordstrom’s new Ruben Toledo-illustrated reusable shopping tote, inspired by the store’s upgrade to eco-friendly packaging options, collapses into a small rectangle, so you can keep it with you all the time (!) and pop it open when in need. Available in stores now.

$21.95, Nordstrom Natick Collection, 508-318-2600,

1212594196We admit we didn’t expect Juicy Couture, the name behind some of the more unlovable fashion trends of late (terry cloth and/or tracksuits do not a good look make), to be on the frontlines of eco-chic. But life is full of little surprises. The brand’s recently debuted “Go Green” canvas bag is a welcome homage to Mother Earth, and restores our faith in Juicy.

$75, Juicy Couture, 12 Newbury St., 617-236-5515,

Part of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 collection, the “Hippy Miss Marc” ($128) and “Penguin” ($158) canvas totes aren’t in stores yet (pictured above), but be on the lookout in the next few weeks.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, 81 Newbury St., 617-425-0707,
Joe McGauley