Bostonista Loves (And Hates): Carrie’s Apartment Makeover

1212682223Bear with us as we sneak in one last SATC post. Today we’re analyzing the wardrobe of a minor player: Carrie’s apartment.

Much has been made of Carrie’s ridiculously fabulous lifestyle, supposedly on a quasi-employed-freelancer budget. Yeah, she owned $40 grand worth of heels. Yeah, she took endless four-block cabs while wearing said heels. And yeah, there were the drinks, the daily shopping, and the seemingly hourly catch-up meals with the girls.

But at least the television set designers kept Carrie’s apartment somewhat average (…if you consider a rent-controlled Upper East Side one-bedroom “average”). We took comfort in the fact that Carrie’s bedroom and bathroom sort of resembled our own less-than-posh digs.

If you’ve seen the movie, though, you know that Carrie’s pad gets a major makeover. And even though her new place drives us crazy in a “is sex columnist actually code for hedge fund manager?” kind of way, we still like to ogle.

Here’s what happened:

Carrie’s old pale-blue walls received a boost thanks to Benjamin Moore Electric Blue paint, about $45 a gallon.

The two floral settees were custom-made and upholstered in Amanda Lee linen from Silk Trading Co. (Silk Trading Co.’s Boston showroom is, sadly, open only to the trade. Check out Hudson’s upholstered chairs for a similar aesthetic.)

The mirrored coffee table came from ABC Carpet & Home’s vintage collection. (Hudson offers a similar mirrored vanity desk.)

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