Mini-masochist: Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar

1213808349 As alleged beauty experts, we probably shouldn’t admit that, until yesterday, we’d never tried false lashes. But it’s true. We’ d swiped every mascara known to man, we’d admired fake fringes on all the celebs, and we’d even done lash extensions…yet every time we passed strips of falsies at CVS or Sephora, we immediately pictured Tammy Faye Bakker. Or spiders.

So when we heard that Shu Uemura was celebrating its 25th anniversary with complimentary lash applications by makeup artist (and Best of Boston winner) Dani Wagener, we figured it was now or never. Wagener’s applied literally thousands of lashes…so at least we knew we’d be in good hands.

We arrived at the Newbury boutique, and Wagener showed us the “Tokyo Lash Bar,” which is basically a white counter stacked with hundreds of fake lashes encased in lucite cubes. Although intrigued by the peacock-feathered option, we wimpily requested “a very natural” look. Wagener selected a strip of reasonable length, settled us into a dentist-style chair, and went to work. (She recommends applying the lashes to already-madeup eyes; we were wearing a bit of charcoal liner and mascara.)

After trimming the lashes to fit our eye shape, she quickly applied the strip remarkably close to our (real) lash line. The whole process took approximately four minutes. She dotted on a bit of extra liner to further disguise the base of the fake lashes, but skipped more mascara to keep the look doe-eyed, not drag-queenie. (Keeping fake lashes mascara-free can also extend their life for up to five uses.)

The results were definitely not Tammy Fayeish, but we’re not sure they were stroll-down-Newbury-at-3 p.m.-ish, either. As we walked slightly sheepishly back to the office, a sidewalk hawker thrust a flyer for psychic readings into our hands, telling us that we “looked like someone who would really enjoy this.” (Full disclosure: We also happened to be wearing animal print.)

But once we returned to the confines of our cube, the compliments started to roll in. A couple of colleagues said they couldn’t tell the lashes were fake, and we even got a nod of approval from perhaps the pickiest–and most honest–of our fellow Bostonistas.

Verdict: We’ll stick to Shu Uemura’s new Ultimate Expressions mascara for morning meetings, but the full falsie strip perfectly complements a smoky night-time eye.

The 25th birthday celebration kicks off with cocktails at the Newbury boutique tonight at 6 p.m. Stop by and book your own complimentary lash appointment. Wagener will be offering the applications every Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m., beginning this week through the end of July (though we hear she’s booking up fast).

Shu Uemura, 130 Newbury St., Boston, 617-247-3500,