Store Opening: MNG by Mango

1214573657The giant words “coming soon” on the MNG by Mango store in the Pru have been teasing us for six months. Originally sited to debut late fall, the Spanish fashion retailer had remained boarded up throughout winter and spring, leaving us doubtful that it would ever open its doors. Finally, the boards be gone, and business is on. But it’s either too late or too soon.

Bostonista recently hit the store on a promising lunchtime spree. We had fond memories of shopping the label while traveling through Europe, and were thrilled when Mango chose Boston as its first New England location. Upon entering the store, we noticed the oddly dressed manikins in the store window. Instead of sporting chic and stylish looks, they donned what looked like long, red nightgowns. Did they forget to get the ladies up and get dressed this morning?

Brushing it off as a fashion don’t, we browsed the racks for flouncy summer dresses and cute tees. Instead, we found mostly long dresses, miniskirts, and a sequined midriff tube top that was decidedly early-90’s a la 90210 (and not in a good way). Styles were not representative of its European counterparts. And the rest of the stock appeared to be last fall’s merchandise. Sweaters on opening day? While many items were marked half off, the original price tags were outlandish for a chain whose major competitors are H&M and Zara.

Shoes and handbags were the saving grace of the spot, mimicking more expensive designer footwear and accessories. There were a few season-appropriate dresses that we wanted to give a shot, but the long line at the fitting room made us want to put them back on the rack. The commotion was explained by the lack of doors on each stall. It was a brouhaha of ladies changing in the open, and surrounded by mirrors on all angles. There was no hope of even backing into a corner to cover our exposed bum.

After waiting so long for the store to open, our bizarre experience left us thinking “What was the rush?”

MNG by Mango, The Shops at Prudential Center, 800 Boylston St., Boston,