Bostonista Loves: Boston Handmade Marketplace

1214841278It’s happened to all of us. You’re taking a stroll in that awesome t-shirt you bought on Newbury Street last week when you spot someone across the way wearing the same digs. Suddenly, it doesn’t feel quite so hip and unique. Or, you show up to work in the perfect skirt snagged during a visit to Copley, only to find someone in Advertising is wearing the same thing — and, pout, looks better in it.

It’s times like these that make visits to Boston’s many weekends markets totally worthwhile. Not only do you get to experience the artistic and design talent that the Hub has to offer, but you also get to snag some truly one-of-a-kind finds.

This weekend, Bostonista and friends stopped by the Boston Handmade Marketplace in Somerville’s Union Square. Among the blown-glass Christmas tree ornaments (Mom would’ve been all over those), cut-design stationery, and photos of our fair city striking a pose were some fabulous tees designed by none other than the Somerville Arts Council itself.

This Bostonista is currently broke, but our friend has a t-shirt addiction that cannot be satisfied, so at least one of us got to take one home. In bold colors and simple line drawings, the shirts scream “Not from a chain store,” and by purchasing one, you’re supporting local artists, something that never goes out of style.

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—Lisa Lombardi