Karhu Gets a Kick Out of Breaking a Sweat In Style

1215013128Forget about the actual health benefits of aerobics, roller blading, and pilates. Workout fashion trends are rarely about the actual workout. What really matters are the fashions that flourish in sync with each exercise fad (e.g. leggings and yoga, unitards and aerobics, leg warmers and Jane Fonda).

While it’s entirely possible that the unitard phase was owed to the freedom of movement those (often shiny, often awful) garments offered its wearers, but we have a hunch they took off thanks to Xanadu’s thighs. But we need not embarrass ourselves and those sharing our sweat space by donning the latest in lycra or spandex in the hopes of appearing both chic and sporty. Legendary Finnish running brand, Karhu (it means “bear” in Finnish), has both function and fashion covered in their latest line of running shoes and accessories.

Recently acquired by local athletic shoe masters Jay Duke and Huub Valkenburg, who in years past worked for Reebok and Nike/Converse, Karhu is upping the ante on athletic footwear design. In addition to their “original” line of sporty kicks, they’ve debuted the “M-Series,” which pays special attention to runners’ needs with super lightweight materials and Karhu’s patented Fulcrum technology to ensure proper posture and comfort.

And, unlike those dusty old Suzanne Somers-era sweatbands, Karhu’s sleek styles and citrus shades make a fresh statement.

—Joe McGauley

The Tannery, 11A Brattle Street in Harvard Square, 617-491-0810. www.karhu.com