Dispatches: Behind the Scenes at Fall Fashion

1216049862Because we’re nothing if not dedicated employees, this Bostonista spent Friday and a precious summer Saturday in the funky, dirty, sweltering hot fields of the tri-annual Brimfield Antique Shows, shooting fall fashion.

As far as work days go, it wasn’t all bad: Scouting for locations among vendors selling vintage eyeglasses (dating as far back as the 1790s), purple velvet ottomans ($495), oddly compelling Chilly Willy drinking glasses; and larger-than-life sized lawn pieces (Palmetto horses, Luigis) was actually pretty fun.

Our superhero-obsessed almost-ex-creative director, meanwhile, walked away with a Fantastic Four mini-book from the ’60s, vintage Charlie Brown Viewmaster slides, and a metal Underdog lunchbox. We put a few dozen miles on a borrowed golf cart and, as a group, hit up just about every porta-potty in a 2 mile radius — how high fashion is that?

In the end, we caught a great number of moments which showcased both current fashion and vintage flair. The upshot: Fashion-wise, our very “classics-with-a-twist” fall brings hats, shine, sequins & taffeta (dig out that bridesmaid dress, yo), corset belts, pirates, lots of black, and interns — the best investment ever.

Pick up our September issue for 12 pages on fashion shot at Brimfield (most with vendors who will be on hand for the legendary vintage show’s September dates, from 9/2-7).

Brimfield, September 2-7, brimfield.com