Night Lines: The Best of Boston

1217445962Yes, we made it to work today. And, considering last night was the annual Best of Boston party, that’s no small feat.

Creatively held at the Conley Container Terminal in South Boston, the summer’s most talked about bash (and most exclusive guest list) hosted 1,500 partiers and celebrated 350 award winners. For security reasons, guests were shuttled from drop-off points via trolleys (which gave the evening a bit of sorority formal flair) and school buses (which lent a dose of summer camp nostalgia) to the event entrance. As PR riot Chris Haynes spun it, “The school buses are hilarious! What fun!”

With such a vast crowd of winners, socialites, and publicists, it was impossible to get face time with everyone, but Bostonista—and our silk Alexander Wang romper suit, which was not a Fashion Masochist test drive, thank you very much—stole moments with some of our favorites: Mario Russo (whose Louis Boston locale won Best Salon), Ben and Tonya Mezrich (both were fresh of a plane from Paris, the latter wearing a spangled Paillette dress and Louboutins she bought there), an old man who says he does something in politics called Tony Nunziante, Jeffrey Lyle (Best Hair Colorist, Blonde), Bryan Rafanelli (who masterminded the party along with Boston‘s crackerjack marketing team), and Debi Greenberg of Louis Boston (winner of multiple awards), among others.

And though we were too busy schmoozing and sipping on Moet , our cube neighbor just told us the Celtics’ NBA trophy also made an appearance. Victory all around!

When the clock struck 10 it was back on the shuttle, then into cabs and off to Scampo at the Liberty Hotel (Best New Hotel) for the afterparty. There, BoMag staffers chowed on pizza and gulped sangria with Gargoyles on the Square chef Jason Santos, Dante (of Dante), Stuff@Night creative director Mike Diskin, PR hoot Max Buccini, Sandy Poirier (whose Shag salon took home two Bests) and real estate hottie Ricardo Rodriguez. The soiree wound down around 1:15 a.m., but Bostonista stuck it out until 2. Just for you.

Again, be impressed. We’re at work today.