Night Lines: The Achilles Project Party

1217567654Last night, we were this close to having a one night stand. It was at the Achilles Project’s Shopping Under the Influence Party. And it wasn’t with a dude. It was with a dress.

The Fort Point Channel boutique-and-restaurant-in-one threw one impressive soiree, combining four of our favorite things: shopping, sipping, eating, and sales. Everything in the store was already slashed 50 percent (and will still be marked down all next week, and until the fall merch hits the racks). But party guests got an additional 10 percent off just for showing up last night. Add to that the complimentary cocktails from Stoli Blackberi and Bacardi, and tasty bites from Persephone‘s menu, and my how the credit cards came out to play.

“I think we’re going to be doing this a lot more often,” said co-owner Michael Krupp, in between running sizes for shoppers.

“Is it really working?” we asked.

“It’s really working,” he said.

We could almost hear the “ca-ching.” Although “swipe” would have been more like it.

Ever the budget Bostonista, we found ourselves mingling amongst labels like CNC Costume National, Filippa K, Galliano, Jovovich-Hawk, Rachel Roy, and many more. The clothing was displayed like art, framed by transparent cases and suspended from the rafters like precious paintings (and probably worth as much). Meanwhile, DJ Beyonder set the mood spinning tunes at the booth, and The Goonies played on the flat-screen TVs. We were totally in our comfort zone. And getting cozier by the minute.

Several times throughout the evening, we strutted around a gold and purple leaf print Jovovich-Hawk number. Her name was Maureen. We ran our fingers over the smooth sheer fabric and toyed with the $475 price tag. It was 60 percent off! While there was only a dainty size two hanging there (which we are not), we discovered the single sample was only for aesthetic purposes. What? They might have my size out back?

Don’t worry, we asked. But we were shut down.

But we still wanted it, big time. And maybe we still stand a chance.