Bostonista Loves: Mandy Moore

1219246768Hypothetically speaking, if we were obsessed with Mandy Moore, the single entitled “Crush” from her self-titled 2001 album in which she coos, “Ooh, I wish I could tell somebody / But there’s no one to talk to, nobody knows / I’ve got a crush on you / A crush on you, I got a crush” would sum up exactly how we feel about the popstar.

And if that was the case, we would gloat just a little bit because we share hair colorist extrordinaire Jeffrey Lyle with the A Walk to Remember star, who frequents Boston because she’s from Nashua, New Hampshire.

And when we heard that Mandy got a mani-pedi at our favorite (and super hygienic) Newbury Street nail spa MiniLuxe, we would have immediately started working the phones to find out exactly which manicurist was honored with the job of perfecting Mandy’s already pretty-friggin’-perfect fingers and toes and learned it was Dulcinea Rubiero (pictured).

And we would have immediately booked an appointment— and found out exactly what colors Mandy chose and then discovered she got clear on her fingers (keepin’ it classy!) and OPI’s Parlez Vous on her toes (keepin’ it fresh!)— for which we would have already run out and bought.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.