Bostonista Travels: How to Recover From Hell on Waves

1219689672A recent weekend jaunt to Block Island, a 33-minute fast ferry trip from Point Judith, Rhode Island, began with a boat ride beyond bumpy. We’re talking toss your entire Bloody Mary, and very nearly your cookies, all over yourself bumpy. (Want to know what removes tomato juice from a white summer sundress? That’s right: Nothing.)

Needless to say, once ashore we were due for some serious pampering. Visible from the Old Harbor ferry dock, the year-old Koru eco spa came to the rescue.

An impressive treatment menu included facials, massage, nail care, tanning, and hair and makeup services (popular among island brides). It’s natural, through and through, which is fitting for an island that is 40 percent open space and described by the Nature Conservancy as “one of the last great places in the Western hemisphere.”

The wall paint is non-toxic, linens are organic, and floors are made of recycled wood. Koru also uses 100 percent natural skin, body, and nailcare products that contain ingredients culled from sources both local (island-grown lavender for the pedicures) and farther afield (manuka honey from New Zealand, a place from which owner Lauren von Bernuth says she drew much inspiration).

Seated in grand pedicure chairs made from reclaimed wood, our feet sloughed with sea salt taken from the sands just beyond the spa walls, we felt our worries quickly wash away. If not our Bloody Mary.

Koru, Water St., Block Island, RI, 401-466-2308,