White Hot (or Not)

1219773224So here we are, the last unofficial week of summer. Fortunately for us, September in 2008 is like July in 1998—sultry temperatures and sunny days. Which means we can squeeze every last wear out of our warmweather wardrobe. But what, dear readers, to do about our white pants?

Most of us grew up listening to our mothers’ staunch Memorial Day through Labor Day edict; most of us also rolled our eyes and tried to rebel against the fashion statute. But yet, every fall we pack up our whites, eschewing all things light until snow ushers in acceptable “winter whites.”

This Bostonista loves her whites. She also loves and respects her very stylish co-workers. So late last week, she conducted an informal office poll: White after Labor Day—brilliant idea or fashion tragedy?

The votes are in…

Eighty percent of respondents voted yes on white, with such inspired answers as “Yes! Screw that” and “if people can wear camo year-round, people should wear white” and “sure, I have a white blazer I always wear after Labor Day.” (That last quote, we might add, came from a 6’4″ male editor.)

Less sure colleagues went with “is there a maybe category?” and “for me, it’s never been an option because I’m so messy.”

Finally, we got the uber avant-garde “I don’t know, I just wear a blue shirt and khakis everyday.”

And there you have it. White for fall is Bostonista-approved. Wear it well and wear it proud. Just keep that white blazer on a once-a-month rotation.