Bostonista Loves: Pants!!!!!

1220457220We may have discreetly let on that that we harbor an appreciation for some forms of teeny-bopper entertainment, but we’ve been more open about our obsessions with decidedly grown-up pop culture. Call it juvenile, call it silly, we will not veil our love for one teen-targeting franchise: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Lightyears older than the projected demographic when the books debuted, we first fell in love with the series while reading them aloud to a cabin full of 13-year olds before bed as a counselor at summer camp. (It was then that we began referring to the coming-of-age tales of friendship as simply “Pants!!!“)

Now, thankfully, the second Pants!!! film has come to the big screen. And naturally, multiple Bostonistas hit the theater opening weekend to laugh, to nostalgize, to experience first love and first heartbreak all over again, and to believe in the power of the Pants!!! After two hours of coveting Serena van der Woodson’s Bridget’s long thick braids and worrying about Tibby’s (surprisingly adult-themed!!!) crisis, we left empowered by two things: 1) Girl Power (no explanation needed), and 2) Styling Power.

Generally, the wardrobe is appropriate for a teen flick about four freshman year pals, each sporting clothes that reflect their personalities (Tibby wears a dark ugly dress because she’s deep, and brooding, and smart!), and the activities at hand (Bridget wears camouflage cargo pants because she’s on an archaelogical dig!).

But it’s no easy feat to make super ’90s-looking, patch-covered jeans look as good as this season’s Alexander Wang, and on each of the leading ladies the denim sure did, thanks to perfect tailoring and simple, careful accessorizing. Now that, my friends, is inspiring.

Also, if you think you can’t love Ugly Betty‘s America Ferrera, who plays Pants!!! soul Carmen, any more than you already do, watch this clip!