Boston Fashion Week Preview

1221155528By all accounts, New York Fashion Week was sort of a letdown: The economy’s in the toilet; retail is struggling mightily; and most of the buzz at the tents seemed to be of the primetime TV variety (Lauren and Blake), rather than focused on style-forward likes of Marc and Betsey.

So perhaps it’s a good thing that Boston is not New York (or Paris)…and it’s definitely a good thing that this year, our own Fashion Week falls the week afterrather than smack in the middle ofthe Bryant Park spectacle.

We’re especially excited about…

The Fenway to Runway Event: It’s always fun to watch the Sox wives strut their stuff at the Natick Collection. (Tomorrow, 9/12, 11:30-2.)

Style Summit: The Evolution of Fashion Ethics: We admit we have an ulterior motive here: Fellow Bostonista Rachel Baker is among the esteemed panelists who will discuss (among other things) how to get models to eat. (Monday, 9/15, 6-8.)

Sam Mendoza: 22-year-old fashion wunderkind Mendoza puts on whimsical shows that are always a must-see. (Wednesday, 9/17, 6:30.)

Boston Fashion Week, September 12-19,