Bostonista Gets Smaht

1221584720Bostonista loves being driven around in pretty much anything. Except, that is, stuffy, malodorous hotel courtesy vans (we swear they must be universally manned by Fung Wah grads). Is it too much to ask to get carted to and fro in something a little cooler—not to mention greener—than those air polluting gas guzzlers?

Apparently, it isn’t. This month, one of Boston’s favorite warm-weather hotspots (you know, the one with the rooftop pool we’ve been raving about all summer) is starting a transportation revolution.

Cutely parked near The Colonnade’s front doorstep is a big bang in a tiny package—a Smart Car. The hotel is now offering guests complimentary lifts in the pint-sized putter, and at 40 miles per gallon in the city, the new ride goes well with the locale’s recent $20 million eco-focused renovation.

The car appears almost lickable with a dark blue candy coat and the hotel’s name painted across the door in sleek silver. Also, it’s way fun to get shuttled to the airport or whisked away on a shopping spree. If you need more convincing, the 1,808-pound baby is easily parkable (hello, curbside service!).

The only downside is there’s not enough of this good thing to go around; for now, the Colonnade only offers the one car, which might mean long wait times. (Rumor has it a second Smart Car is on its way).

To celebrate the launch, the hotel is discounting their swanky suites. Or, for a free overnight, come up with a name for the little bugger and send it to before Friday, October 31, 2008.