Too Much Mandatory Fun

Bostonista had too much fun last night. We indulged in mandatory office fun at our staff bowling party at Kings. Next, under the influence of Chowder, we indulged in carnivorous fun over the largest steak we’ve ever seen at Toro.

Then we indulged in some Stevie Wonder-fueled dancing fun with Barbara Lynch at The Butcher Shop. Now, we’re hurting from that fun.

We’re also hurting because we wish we had indulged in some stalker fun, too. Specifically, some Adam Brody-stalking fun. The O.C. star arrived in town for the East Coast Premiere of his new indie flick Death in Love via red-eye yesterday morning and was spotted drinking Amstel Lights at the Boston Film Festival’s soiree at Vox Populi last night.

The film’s director, Boaz Yakin, with his wife in tow, also made the rounds at the party. By all accounts, Brody, who flew solo, was low key and fan-friendly. We hear that after the festivities he went back to the Liberty Hotel and knocked back a few before turning in (still solo!). Yet another reason to hit up the fabulous Sam Mendoza’s fashion show at the Liberty this evening. We’ll bring the binoculars.