Bostonista Goes Public

1222186382Let us guess: You’ve lived in the area for years but have never actually made much effort to explore the city (and look like a day-tripper? Quel horreur!).

At Bostonista, we love brushing up on our town’s scenic history, but, like you, can’t stomach waddling aboard one of those clunky neon tour tanks and squawking up and down Beacon Hill. Instead, we’ve been satisfying our curiosity under the radar with Audissey Guides, a locally owned company that offers free self-guided audio tours available for download on its site.

A few months ago, we trekked from the Park Street Church to the harbor, but skipped out on an equally overlooked (by locals, that is) part of town. Luckily, Audissey recently released a new walk specifically devoted to the nation’s first public botanical garden. Here are some of our favorite stops in the aptly named Public Garden.

The Ether Memorial: We swelled with pride when we learned the first public demonstration of ether anesthesia took place in Boston in 1846. Guest narrator and local M.D. Dr. Rafael Ortega dubbed this one of the most important discoveries in the history of medicine.

The Good Will Hunting bench: We parked it on the official seat on which Robin Williams gave his Oscar-winning monologue. (We got giddy just thinking, “Matt Damon’s butt was here!”)

Make Way for Ducklings: The lovable bronze statues were crawling with adults and children alike, and are the site of innumerable family portraits. We like hearing about them but forwent a photo opp.

The Garden of Remembrance: On the tour, Senator Ted Kennedy reflects upon the meaning of the September 11th memorial, which was laden with flowers and emotional notes to lost loved ones. Hint: bring tissues.

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