Bostonista Consumes: Umi Haircare

1222701562Newbury Street salon Umi has launched a very good line of haircare products. Nine tools include hair powder, wax, volumizing spray, and creme. Sure, we’ve got beauty products stuffed into every corner of the bathroom, and there’s that bin under the bed, too. But what’s nine more?

Owner and mastermind Jeffrey Dauksevich is known as something of a perfectionist, whether the objet d’art is a client, the hand soap in his (very clean) salon bathroom, or a hair powder. Unlike most in-house salon lines, which are created for a company, Umi Products were created by Umi, from scratch, and with JD input every step of the way. Which is why it’s taken the line more than a year to develop a shampoo and conditioner after the initial three-product launch last year.

A few weeks ago, Umi made its debut at New York Fashion Week, styling hair for shows for Ruben Singer and Dolita Paris. I’ve used them all, and they’re really great. My favorite is d fuse, a silicone-based frizz buster. It really busts frizz.

Available at Umi Salon, 75 Newbury St., Boston, 888-909-4864, or online at