Bostonista Loves: RhythmBRA

1223647503Training for a half marathon would have been impossible without my iPod. It made those training sessions fly by because I could sample new music every time I hit the pavement. But, for all my iPod gave me, I misused and abused it to the point where it no longer functioned.

How did I ruin it? Well, I hated running with awkward arm bands, and carrying it in my hand messed with my stride. I preferred hands-free and arms-free gadgets while jogging, and so I would…stick it in my bra. Obviously, I wasn’t that surprised when the device fizzled out after suffering too many sweat sessions. (Thankfully, after I completed the race.)

But then I found RhythmBRA.

It’s a patent-pending sports bra equipped with a small, built-in pocket in front that’s lined with ActivDri. It’s in this pouch where you can keep your music player protected and secure while working out.

Unlike arm bands, you can run without wires snaring your swing, and the hands-free alternative never interferes with pace. You can even wear it while weight-lifting and the cord won’t get all up in your bench-press. The only problem is, you might get some funky stares from people while switching songs in the gym or on the road.

The sports bras were created by local designer Nancy Jane Sweeney, a UMass-Amherst grad who lives in Derry, NH. While Sweeney was training for her marathons, she also hated running with cumbersome wires, which led her to design the prototype bra. Sweeney then launched Lyoness Sportswear, and is now selling her creation throughout the greater Boston area at local gyms and online. You can get it on her website.

The bra is ultra-supportive, fits properly, and is comfortable for long runs (I tested one with super support). I’ve often had to don two sports bras just to quit the jiggle, but not with Sweeney’s design. Just one did the trick, and it kept my tunes playing safely, soundly, and perspiration-free.