Bostonista Pleas: Stop Dressing For a Depression

1223913055Hey, you, in the pilly sweater: Just because the economy is in the toilet doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’ve just crawled out of one.

All this talk of recession, and sad-sack dressing to match, is just so damn depressing. Caring about—and even, gasp, spending money on—things that make you happy doesn’t make you insensitive, shallow, or even irresponsible. It might just lift your spirits. Just know your limits. (And if you’re one of those overspending, credit card maxing types who helped get us into this mess in the first place, you can stop reading now.)

Your first assignment: A jewelry event at Barneys New York.

On Saturday, October 18, Brooklyn-based jeweler Mark Davis will be on hand at Barneys New York in Copley Place to present new works and discuss his jewelry-making techniques. Davis takes vintage bakelite bracelets and rings and incorporates new embellishments: diamonds, gold, and precious gems. He also works in wood, celluloid, acrylic, and other non-traditional jewelry materials.

Each piece is handmade —”reincarnated”—in his Brooklyn studio, with accordant prices. But most are one of a kind. And really cool. And everyone knows that recycling is recession chic.

Sure, a single piece can run you about what I lost in my IRA last month. But if it makes you smile when you look at it on your wrist…well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mark Davis at Barneys New York
Copley Place
Saturday, October 18, 12-4