You Say Goodbye, We Say Hello

1224000330Should you still be feigning ignorance to the fact that you’ve been wearing your “just in case” jacket with regularity, let Bostonista break it to you—summer is over. Say it with us… It’s over!

It’s time to back away from the flip flops and loosen your death grip on those summer scarves. No seriously, let go. We’ll get through this together.

1. Let the countless fall sales, shopping parties, and ever-so-anticipated Black Friday lure you into the season. Think of autumn in terms of some advice we once heard on TLC’s now-defunct Clean Sweep: For every summer item you put into storage, treat yourself to two new fall items. Or maybe it was the other way around…

2. Stock up on warm cider and donuts, and take aimless walks through your local apple orchard. Or, try a weekend away sans the Blackberry and Gossip Girl reruns. (Remember what we said about “letting go?”)

3. We tried not to mention the “T” word, but Thanksgiving is around the corner, ushering in the annual holiday culinary marathon. Bid goodbye to caprese salads and citrus spritzers. It’s time for sweet potatoes and creamy brown gravy. It’s a good thing you stocked up on those oversized sweaters at the aforementioned fall sales.