Bostonista Loves: Free Yoga

1224174680We’re not the only ones begging you to buck the doom-and-gloom trend. Others have helpfully pointed out that being unemployed gives you enough free time to get into the best shape of your life.


But what happens if you can’t afford your gym membership anymore?

Even more helpfully, yoga retailer lululemon announced that it will celebrate the opening of its first Boston store in the Mandarin Oriental building with a weekend of complimentary in-store classes. Offerings include hip-hop yoga, candlelit evening yoga, and a baby bootcamp. (Also, incongruously, cupcakes and cocoa.)

Best of all, after the grand opening, the store will continue to partner with local studios to offer complimentary classes every Sunday morning at 9:30.

At this rate, all the Darth Vaders will turn into Sunshine Barbies!

Complimentary classes start Friday, 10/31. Lululemon, 776 Boylston St., Boston, 617.262.2030,