Bostonista Buttons Up

1224618887The past months of mud-slinging ads, nationally televised emotional breakdowns, and the revival of the Saturday Night Live political skit have Bostonista alternately grinning, groaning, and feeling decidedly patriotic.

You already know about our favorite political dessert. Now, we’re sharing a few hot new accessories for fall.

Local calligrapher and papermaster Emily Gallardo leads the way with a collection of democratic (though not neccessarily nonpartisan) hand-made buttons. Her most popular pins include the tongue-in-cheek “Elitists for Obama,” the down-home “YOU BETCHA I’m voting for OBAMA,” and the even cheekier “FREE LEVI JOHNSTON.”

Her entre into political action started last summer, when she impulse-bought a button maker and decided to creatively put in her civic two-cents. The pins were a big hit at the South End Open Studios, and Gallardo is watching sales rise higher as November 4th nears.

1224618915Obama supporters aren’t the only ones getting crafty. McCain/Palin enthusiasts across the country are iron-pressing aprons, tattooing Keds, and hand-sewing some rather girly coffee cup cozies in support of their favored politicos. (Then there’s the inevitable tide of these.)

As for who Bostonista is supporting? That’s one secret we’ll never tell…