Bostonista Gets Between the Sheets

1225308316Bostonista is not one to jump into bed with just anyone, but, let’s just say, if this anyone happened to have the linens showcased at Frette’s grand opening soiree last Thursday night, his chances may have possibly increased a couple notches.

Not that we’re that shallow or anything, we just have a weakness for potential sleeping-in-past-twelve-quality sheets. And another for high design. And another for a good party.

To celebrate their new flagship store within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the luxury linen line invited Boston interior designers Michael Barnum, Tony Cappoli, Dennis Duffy, Duncan Hughes and Eric Roseff to each design a bedroom vignette.

Through the cluster of plastic framed glasses and bulky status bag-armed crowd, Bostonista was finally able to catch a glimpse at the bedrooms, which were all stunningly sumptuous and so inviting we had to restrain ourselves from jumping right in. Perhaps it was Frette’s master plan to overcrowd the store—less likely someone would opt for a siesta if they can’t elbow their way onto the beds.

While Barnum, Capoli, Duffy, and Hughes’s boudiors were taken down after the soiree, Roseff’s outfit will remain on display for the rest of the week. And, we must say, his Frette bedroom is worth a look—or a nap if you’re lucky.


Frette, Mandarin Oriental, 776B Boylston Street Boston, 617-267-0500