Your Tuesday To-Do List

1225730694If you only do two things tomorrow, that’s fine. Just make them count. We’ll make it easy for you:

1. Vote for Barack!
Unless you’d be happy to see Bostonista move to Switzerland, and you very well may be, please help implement change tomorrow. That’s all we’ll say on that and no, it’s not because we’ve got a problem with red skirt suits. (Though, separately, we probably do.)

2. Barack the Vote
The Achilles Project’s new Tuesday Night Supper Club—a weekly three-course, family-style dinner at in-house restaurant Persephone—welcomes Obama fans tomorrow night for good food, good wine, and election updates and commentary throughout the night.

$40 gets you dinner, $60 gets you dinner and wine. Seatings are at 6 and 8:30. Reservations required, Republican ticket voters …. well, come at your own risk.

283 Summer St., Boston, 617-423-2257,

Update: The folks at CultureMob sent in a handy list they compiled of election night parties that will be taking place tomorrow night: