More From the Annals of Recession Chic…

1226333420Turns out you don’t have to be up to your pocket-scarf in old money to dress like a classy WASP.

The enduringly dapper Joe Ferrarro, once named by the Globe as one of Boston’s best dressed, dishes out candid advice on how to be the snazziest budget-minded sartorialist in town on his blog, An Affordable Wardrobe: Dressing Like a Gentleman on a Chimneysweep’s Funds.

Joe, who’s been a fan of the full suit and fedora look since he was a wee sophomore at BC High, still manages to reek of Cary Grant and Dick Tracy today, even though he’s unemployed. Using practical tips on DIY tailoring and around-town guides to, say, finding quality tweed at local thrift stores, Joe believes even the most meager American male can look debonair.

“Clothing and attitude are for anyone with the nerve and understanding to pull it off,” he writes. He despises what he calls the “Eternal Teenager Syndrome” of today’s man, and encourages guys to throw out their flip-flops and cargo shorts for the plaid-as-hell traditional wardrobe of their grandfathers.

Or at least to embody what he calls the cool “English Literature teacher who possibly smokes” look we all remember so fondly.