Bostonista Flips Out

1226424230We recently rented a house in Nowheresville, NH. The place was a dream, and the trip, divine. Getting there? Not so much. After a four-hour battle with Friday afternoon traffic, our navigation system lead us off the beaten path and onto a country-dark dirt road that was liberally sprinkled with sharp rocks, cavernous ditches, and (we swear) the Blair Witch. Disgruntled and on the brink of turning home, we finally made it.

Once there, however, we found the homeowner’s warning that standard GPSes often lead guests down an undriveable road. Really? Thanks. If only we’d used FlipKey, a new Boston-based website that provides the real dirt on vacation rentals.

The site’s guest reviews, unlike others, are guaranteed by people who have actually stayed at the property (and not by managers who homecooked their own reviews). Also helpful is FlipKey’s sliding search bar featurette, which allows you to set preferences for price, number of bedrooms, and number of guests. And the website consolidates all your information in one place, saving you from tabbing through numerous insecure sites and protecting you from ending up at a faraway dump that was portrayed as a dream palace. Now if only getting there was easy….