Conditioning Treatments for Lush Locks

My hair has always been long and unmanageable. I’m notorious for going six months without a trim (because I hate when I ask for an inch off the ends, and suddenly four inches of my precious mane fall to the stylist’s floor).

But to maintain healthy tresses, you can’t just use an everyday conditioner. Here are my favorite treatments (and some not so good ones) that have helped (or hindered) my quest for lengthy locks.

12266759411. Nexxus Color Ensure Replenishing Conditioner and Detangler

The claim: The product will “effectively revitalize the sheen in colored hair.”
The real deal: After using the product for two weeks, my hair never looked duller. What’s worse is that it hardly detangled. I fought with my hairbrush after every condition, which left untold broken strands all over my head.
$12.69, CVS, 231 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, 617-266-6775,

12266759342. Matrix Sleek.look Conditioner

The claim: “Adds manageability. Lets you blow dry hair smooth and sleek.”
The real deal: While a comb ran through my hair easily post-shower, the conditioner lacked in the shine-restoring component. Blowdrying tamed flyaways, however, the product failed to prevent split ends from forming over time.
$15, Rite-Aid, 1295 Boylston St., Boston, 617-262-5770,

12266757363. Badass Hair Vanilla Ocean Luxury Deep Treatment

The claim: “Even damaged hair with look and feel healthier, shinier, and more luxurious.”
The real deal: Badass hair was launched by stylist Scott Fontana in his Boston salon to rave reviews. The product is so thick, you only need a small dollop to do the job. Post washing, my hairbrush glided through from scalp to ends, and it successfully restored shine and prevented greasiness, so I could shampoo every other day. Only drawback: the scent is reminiscent of tanning lotion.
$30, The Beauty Mark, 33 Charles St., Boston, 617-720-1555,

12266759264. Kérastase Care Volumactive

The claim: “Light, contouring care for fine, vulnerable hair.”
The real deal: The treatment banished tangles and prevented breakage for months, allowing me to nurture the healthiest, shiniest locks I’ve ever maintained.
$50, I Soci, 8 Newbury St., 3rd Floor, Boston, 617-867-9484,

Tell us: What is your favorite conditioner?