On the Calendar: ICA’s Second-Anniversary Party

1228425442Was the ICA first-anniversary bash really a whole year ago? (Man, we’re old.)

Believe it or not, the museum’s second-anniversary-party-slash-fashion-show is next week…and we have no doubt it’ll measure up to last year’s fabulousness. Coordinated by Debi Greenberg and art advisor Charlie Scheips, the event will celebrate major fashion presences like Tuleh, Sari Gueron, Ashley Olsen, and Brian Reyes.

We’re especially excited to meet Jason Wu, the on-the-rise New Yorker who started out creating clothes for plastic toys, but has since taken to putting his feminine designs on life-sized dolls like Leighton Meester. (He’s also the behind the latest sheath Michelle Obama rocked on prime time.)

Great fashion, dancing, and catering by Wolfgang Puck? It’s enough to drag our elderly selves out on on a cold Wednesday night.

Night and Day at the ICA, Wednesday, 12/10, 7-11 p.m. icaboston.org.