What’s In Store: Pawsh Dog Boutique

1228927241It has all the essentials of any trendy boutique: funky t-shirts, stylish apparel, fun accessories, fragrance sprays, fun toys, and hip bedding. But at Pawsh, it’s all for dogs.

Back Bay’s only dog boutique opened last month just a few steps from Newbury Street by Mike and Nancy Maida and their charming Boston terrier Balki.

A year ago, the couple noticed the increasing four-legged bodies strutting the streets and also the absence of options to buy food, warm clothing, and fun toys for these pooches—observations that soon cultivated into Pawsh’s very cute and semi-practical inventory.
1228927353 When Bostonista went to scope out the new boutique, a very excited Balki greeted us with a twinkle in his eye and a snazzy collar on his neck. And with shelves brimming with toys ($5- $15), Ugg-like booties ($20- $25), plastic key rings for teething($7), and candy-store canisters that dispensed tasty treats like blueberry cobbler and Cape Cod cranberry dog biscuits ($1.25 per ounce), what pooch wouldn’t be elated?

The bright store reminded us of an intimate toy store, but with items like an egg-shaped modernized crate ($499), it was distinctly for Fido.

1228927473Winter wardrobe items include tees that reads “My Owner’s Single” and “Yeah, I’m a mutt. So what!” ($16.50 – $24.50), and Bowsers plush doggy bed can be customized with a variety of vibrant fabrics ($80-$150). And as for the necessities, like scented and unscented bio-degradable poop bags ($6) and John Paul pet waterless foam shampoo ($15.75), they’re all tested and approved by Balki himself!

Pawsh, 31 Gloucester St., Boston, 617-297-2045, pawshboston.com.