Bostonista Resolves: Late (Yet Earnest) Promises for 2009

Historically, we’re not the type to make sweeping proclamations.

But this year is different because…we love you. You make us want to be a better blog. So to do right by you, and to maintain the wonder of this Internet relationship, we resolve to:

* Be More Fun: We’re going to go to more parties, find out what more guests are wearing, and take a lot more pictures of everything.

* Shop More Savvily: Whenever a new store opens, whether it’s in Boston or Belmont, we’ll scope it out and report back ASAP.

* Improve Our Musical Taste: Thanks to a laptop tragedy and our own idiocy, we lost our 8,000-song iTunes library a couple years ago. Since then, we’ve been limping along with an extremely eclectic a totally bizarre collection of about 300 tunes, none of which we want to hear ever again. This year, we’re going to ask everyone from boutique owners to personal trainers what’s on their playlistsand share the answers with you.

*Achieve Technical Literacy: In addition to learning how to back up our iTunes, we’re also going to transfer our spirited intra-office debates to IM. While dissecting new beauty experiments, denim styles, and local events, we’ll type our thoughts and post the transcripts. (Bonus(es): Our random chatter now qualifies as legit work, and our more focused, less verbose cube neighbors will regain their sanity.)

* Listen Better: When you’re happy, we’re happy. Tell us what you’re dying to find; what you want to discuss; what we need to stop talking about. We aim to please.

Cheers to 2009!