OMFG, We're Famous.

Sometimes we make fairly monumental sacrifices for our job. Last night, for instance, we grudgingly skipped watching Gossip Girl in real-time in order to attend a Boston Home party at The Beehive. (Life is tough.)

The place was packed, and we were happily chatting about vintage dresses from eBay and the woes of the Boston Public School system (obviously), when a fellow Bostonista rushed over, wildly waving her iPhone and screaming something about a Boston mag GG cameo. Then the music stopped, the lights went on, and the party came to an abrupt end as everyone rushed home to their DVRs.

In case you missed it (how could you miss it??), Lily flips through the November issue while sitting in the adoption agency waiting room. (Because we have not yet followed through on our technology resolution, we cannot embed the video. But here’s the link, and a helpful hint to look around 7:40.)

The best part? Later in the episode, Lily idly flips through a copy of the Globe before disdainfully announcing that she “can’t pretend to be interested in this anymore.” But, as you can see for yourself, she’s pretty engrossed in our esteemed publication (and clearly is not reading it simply because all the Highlights’ puzzles have been solved).

So, to whichever CW intern endured the Chinatown bus trip to pick up a copy: Thank you for making our day life. There’s another (unpaid) internship sitting here with your name on it.