Best of Boston Home at the Beehive

Yes, Monday night was mighty cold, but that didn’t keep the Boston Home crowd from celebrating the second annual Best of Boston Home issue at the Beehive with us.

Down in the brick-lined cellar decked out with chandeliers, point-lights, and sparkly things, we enjoyed running into Debi Greenberg, owner of Louis Boston, and her husband Mark, a professional race car driver, who told us about his latest venture. It’s a twisted version of the golfing community—instead of building houses and condos around the links, though, he’s going to build big, beautiful vacation houses around a race track. For cars. Better check with the missus before putting down that deposit.

Go here for a slideshow featuring the party-goers

Meanwhile, we were pleased as Svedka punch to see the ever-elegant architect David Hacin of Hacin + Associates, who took the opportunity to talk neighborhood shop with Lekker owner Natalie Carpenter. Neither thought their portraits in our issue looked like them, but got a good laugh nonetheless.
Maryann Thompson, principal of Maryann Thompson Architects, was as effervescent as ever. We chatted about the sad demise of Empyrean, the pre-fab house company based in Acton which went into receivership in October. If anyone out there has some extra cash, we think you should scoop this up immediately! Doug Hanna of S+H Construction brought along his handsome son and together they were the vision of contractor suave, accompanied by publicist Joanne DiFrancesco and her daughter.

It was delightful seeing Gregory Lombardi of Lombardi Design, as he held court with the Cambridge contingency, while the lovely and talented fine artist Yuko Adachi showed us cards of her latest work. Professor George Thrush of Northeastern University impressed many guests with his lingual skills, eventually settling down with Frank and Sharon Roop for a serious interior design versus architecture tête-à-tête.

After the party, we braved the cold for our beloved frigid-weather bistro, Central Kitchen, and plotted a reason to reason to return to the ‘Hive. Still, we’d like to know, when did Boston get so hip?