Bostonista Shops: A Valentine's Quest

This past weekend, we hoofed it around the city, looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift. Not for our boyfriend, not for our crush, and not even for moi. We were pursuing presents for… our brother’s girlfriend (fingers crossed she’s not reading this right now).

While a little blue box is always nice, we wanted our dear brother to get a little more creative.

Genius struck, courtesy of an episode we remembered on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Maybe you remember the one, where the ladies go on an afternoon shopping spree to Fred Segal and create their own personal fragrances?

Copley, the South End, and Newbury Street all failed to deliver a place that could make this happen. It wasn’t until we were in our own neck of the woods, in Kenmore Square, that we found a spot to blend and sniff: Nantucket Natural Oils on the second level in the Hotel Commonwealth.

Walls were lined with countless glass bottles of different scents. It was quiet inside except for one smart fellow, who was crafting his girlfriend her own personal perfume.

All you have to do is dip the sticks into each of the bottles, then dab, mix, and waft to get just the right combo. Not only are there endless picks to make your own scent, but they last longer than your J’adore or Chanel because they have zero alcohol. In a teeny bottle, you’ll have a whole year of custom-made aroma.

Our brother walked out happy, and we sniffed the sweet smell of success. We hope his girlfriend likes her Eau de Bostonista.


Nantucket Natural Oils, 508 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 866-514-OILS,