Project Mozart: Inside Look

Last night was the opening night for the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Project Mozart program. At the pre-concert reception, professional models donned dresses created by 11 local fashion design students, which were inspired by the composer’s music. Audience members got to vote for their favorites (read more about the event here).

Lasell College junior Christian DePietro sewed together a champagne and pink gown complete with an 17th Century-inspired “false rump” and mermaid bottom, which was upheld by a modern take on the corset with the accent of a fan. The dress was accessorized with a shepherdess hat, which he also mended himself from straw.

See a slide show featuring seven sketches of the students’ designs.

DePietro’s design was influenced by Mozart’s Symphony 41, which he heard while watching the movie Annie Hall, one of his favorite films of all time. “Focusing on Mozart’s music, I was able to translate something that wasn’t visual, into something that is,” he said.

The BSO’s Project Mozart Series continues on February 17 and 19 from 6:30-8 p.m. at Symphony Hall, before each of the Mozart concerts. To see all 11 dresses in person, and vote for your favorite, attend the show!