Mini-Masochist: Lashfood

We’ve experimented with our fair share of eyelash extensions, falsies, and length-defying mascaras, but we had yet to try new products on the market that claim to grow thicker, longer, stronger lashes.

We’ve worn fakes for a fashion shoot, but never could master how to apply them ourselves. We’d rather live with our blunt ones, than have lashes stuck to our brows. Expensive extensions certainly do the trick, but we were looking for a more economical way to DIY.

Enter Lashfood, a natural eyelash and eyebrow stimulator, formulated using Biotin and Arginine. It’s like hair conditioner, but for your lids. We used the product over a month-long period, hoping to bat the big ones at our husband by Valentine’s Day.

We applied the conditioner twice a day, before bed and in the morning. You use the wand like liquid liner, tracing the liquid along the top and bottom lash lines. Easy enough.

But on one morning, we awoke, unable to open our right eye. Too much product had leaked into the corner, and the lid was glued shut. It looked like we had contracted pink eye from a sniffling four-year-old. We admit it could have been our own fault for being too heavy-handed. Disclaimer: do not deluge your eye.

After we washed away the gunk, things got back to normal. We decided to give it another shot.

Despite the initial problem, the product seemed to actually stimulate growth by the end of the third week. Well, I’ll be… We needed a little less mascara to achieve the doe-eyed gaze we craved. And a few extra coats made them even more glamorous (Although, we realize we could probably get the same look by applying five coats of Maybelline Great Lash).

But there was no denying it, when our best friend said, “Your lashes really do look longer!”

But our hubby? He didn’t even bat an eye.


Lashfood, $129,